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par musovern
16 août 2019, 02:30
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Sujet : [Info] - Remplacement APPLE 2+ keyboard encoder KR3600-070
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Re: [Info] - Remplacement APPLE 2+ keyboard encoder KR3600-070

Hi there,

I would like to try this for my Apple II+ that the keyboard encoder has died.
Do you have a wiring digram so I could hook up the TIL311 display and test.


par musovern
17 juil. 2014, 10:00
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Sujet : [Test] - Nanocomputer SGS/ATS NBZ80-S
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Re: [Test] - Nanocomputer SGS/ATS NBZ80-S

Great looking Machine. I have one if these but without the add on board for experiments. Have downloaded you eprom images and installed them into my motherboard now they work great. Thank you very much. I now intend to install the P8251 Usart. and make the jumper changes. Do you have and ASM code (s...
par musovern
23 mai 2014, 00:35
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Sujet : [Présentation] - musovern
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[Présentation] - musovern

Hi there, I am another computer geek from NZ. I collect TRS-80 machines, I also have a SGS-ATES NBZ80 Nano Computer, Also have built the N8VEM Z80 Computer, Great to have fun with, I have Apple II and IIe's GS's ,Plus, SE, SE/30, Classic, Classic II, ColorClassic right up G5's on to Intel Mac. Also ...