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Obituary: Nicole Bréaud-Pouliquen

Posté : 23 août 2012, 20:49
par toinet
Bonsoir à tous,
je ne sais pas si c'est le bon endroit ni n'ai l'envie de traduire le message que je viens de laisser sur comp.sys.apple2. Un grand personnage du monde Apple II vient de nous quitter,

Dear All,
Nicole Bréaud-Pouliquen, engineer Ecole Polytechnique Féminine 1966, passed away on Monday, 20th August 2012.

Nicole was an early-adopter of Apple II systems and sold more than 130,000 books published by PSI with Italian translations as well.

Nicole was the author of more than ten books (La pratique de l'Apple II volumes 1 to 3, Clés pour l'Apple II/c/e/gs, du logo pour Apple II, assembleur de l'Apple II, Lisp sur Apple II, etc.)

I was lucky to meet Nicole in Paris and Nantes and was charmed by how much clever and curious she was. She will miss us.

Please accompany her to her last home as she has accompanied each Apple II user over the years, she deserves it. ... 97594/avis

Antoine & thousands of other sad people-----